Proud Memories

Proud Memories

What are some proud memories?

Erik T. – I’m the most proud of the volume of work that I did. I think it’s very impressive when I could tell potential employers that I ran a business that did a half a million dollars in sales, and that is a number that sounds like a really big number when it comes to painting houses, but I know the amount of work and effort and everything that went into that, and because of that it’s something that I’m very proud of.

Alyssa A. – So, my first day of working for College Pro was arguably one of the worst days of my life. I started out by hiring my best friend and boyfriend: mistake number 1. Mistake number two was I had never touched a window, washed a house, and I was going to power wash this entire white brick house…had no idea how to do it. I remember telling my employees that we would never have a day this bad again, and we never did.

Damond I. – Well the one that really, really stuck out was a town home complex here in the Seattle area, and it was eight different units, and I remember it was selling to eight different homeowners. I remember getting my general manager involved because I needed some help. It was just a very tough project to execute with the coordination between 8 different homeowners, and 8 different personalities, and 8 levels of inspection too, which is so crazy when normally you just have 1 level of inspection. But we did get it done and it came out amazing. I still drive by it occasionally just because I’m so proud of it.

Scott S. - My most memorable story…there’s so many. It would be when I made the move from my hometown to Seattle, Washington. I actually lived with my general manager for a year and he took me under his wing, and that said a lot about the company and a lot about him. I really felt like it was more than just a career opportunity, but it was more like joining a family.

Charlie C. – When you meet someone who’s done College Pro, it’s part of a fraternity; we do have our own language, we do have our own ways of expressing ourselves. We’ll look back and say “well do you remember your first job”, or “do you remember your first painter you had to fire”, or “what job did you book the first time”, or “what was training session A like”…there’s all of this shared experience.

Jason E. – I think the biggest one that I think really got me super fired up to work with College Pro was the first rafting trip I got to go on. If you got a bunch of estimates you could go on this rafting trip, and that to me, I think, was one of the most memorable experiences because it was something that I got to be able to surround myself with other people that were just hard-working, go-getters. And I think that time was, that weekend of just hanging out and meeting so many new people and just being around them, really just cultivated some nice friendships and people that I could continue that work with throughout the rest of the year. And there are just so many funny things from that trip that I always think back and just puts a smile on my face.

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