Marketplace Advantage

Marketplace Advantage

How are you different in the marketplace now?

John E. - You didn't just go through business school and learn about sales and marketing and how to deal with employees, you dealt with it. There's a big difference in book learning, and actually going out and proving it.

Tom W. - College Pro for me created that opportunity to really be able to see what potentials and what talents I had. At 19 years old running a business, I was exposed to opportunities, I was exposed to professionals, I was exposed to scenarios and situations that definitely would not have had the opportunity until much later in life. If I hadn't had that College Pro opportunity, I'm not sure I would have really known what my potential was at that young age.

Alyssa A. - College Pro kind of laid for me as an entrepreneur and as a leader. And I definitely wouldn't have the same skills to apply to the next steps of my life had I not participated in College Pro and run a franchise.

Jason E. - Confidence. The edge that you need in anything when you're dealing with work, whatever job it may be, is the confidence to complete whatever it is that you need to do. And if you have lofty goals in life, you have to have the confidence to be able to do that. I believe that a lot of your confidence comes from skills that you push yourself everyday to learn.

Scott S. - College Pro gave me an edge in the market by building up my resumé and building up my confidence to be able to approach positions that maybe I wouldn't have had I not had the experience and skills.

Duncan B. - I learned a lot more from coffees with mentors than I did from classroom learning.

Damond I. - I know that I would not have gotten the position I wanted had I not shown that I ran a business while I was College, had I not gained the skills, had I not gone through the training. It absolutely sets you apart.

Erik T. - I started at a company called The Energy Authority after College, and I'm pretty sure that my College Pro experience did a bit part in the interview process. Back in 2008 there were stacks and stacks of resumés for every legitimate job posting, so the fact that I did get this job in 2008 in such a tough job market I largely attribute to having worked at College Pro and having ran my own business. I know the hiring manager helped run projects to build nuclear reactors and he saw similarities in my College Pro franchise and building nuclear power plants. Because of that, he took a liking to me and brought me on.

Chad S. - Actually, I'm currently hiring at Floor Coverings International, and the best candidates I'm finding come from people who are 15 years younger than the average candidate I'm talking to and they're from College Pro.

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