Your Journey

What was your journey?

Chad S. – I went to college to play sports, and had no interest in school, had no interest in academics. I chose my college based on a team I wanted to play for. As a freshman in college I quickly learned that business was a place I enjoyed. It’s very similar to sports; it’s about goals, it’s about goal setting, it’s about reaching those goals, striving to be your best, always striving to get better at what you’re doing. So for me it set me on my course that was a completely different course than I ever thought I would have been on.

Jason E. – After College Pro I just wanted to take my experience from College Pro and apply it to the degrees that I got. I got a job as a controller for a gaming company, did that for a couple of years, then I went back to public accounting, met a pretty intelligent individual, and we decided over many lunches to see if we wanted to do our own thing and he was very keen on the idea of bringing me on board as a co-partner. It kind of evolved to the fact that most of our clients were in real estate; it made all the sense in the world to start our own real estate brokerage, and now we service both ACPA and real estate.

Heather L. – I went to ACAD first in Calgary and then I transferred to Emily Carr in Vancouver where I completed my bachelor of design degree. Currently I am a real-estate agent with Re/max. Before that I ran a College Pro franchise for about three years. Right now I’m still trying to build up my real estate business and then potentially be getting into the development side of real estate as well.

Charlie C. – College Pro has always been an integral part of my business life. I was a franchisee, then a general manager, then a vice president and was a senior guy in the United States for what was at the time a big Canadian company. Then we started CertaPro which was essentially taking all the fundamentals of College Pro and spending twelve months getting the business plan instead of thirteen weeks.

Damond I. – So it’s a funny story, while I was working at College Pro, my wife at the time also worked for Boeing and she had alerted me to a position that kind of sounded like it would pair well with what I was doing at College Pro. I thought to myself, “well how can it pair well with College Pro because I paint houses and manage painters, how does that pair over to manufacturing airplanes? I don’t know the first thing about airplanes”. Low and behold, in the wintertime was when they called and said “we feel like you pair up well with the stuff we are looking for in a manufacturing manager”, and they offered me the position. That was 3 years ago, and I’m extremely happy and learning every day.

Chris I. – I did ten years with College Pro. I started out as a painter when I was a senior in high school, and painted for a year, was a job site manager for a year, saw the opportunity to become a franchise owner and ran my own franchise for three years. It helped me pay for school. Then I was recruited to the full time team, and was a general manager for four years, and then eventually ended up being the vice president of the Midwest division for College Pro and ended my career in 2008.

Scott S. – Currently I am a technical recruiter for and I source and screen the brightest minds of the engineering world. That came about after my years at College Pro. I decided I wanted to get into a sales position and came across recruiting as one of them. I was kind of interested in technology and found a company that was working for Microsoft in a more commission-based capacity, and then I developed some skills and decided to move to Amazon for a new adventure.

Alyssa A. – I was on track to be a lawyer, and I started my first entrepreneurial career as running a window cleaning company. College Pro was my first taste of entrepreneurship, and, once I did that, I knew I never wanted to do anything else other than run my own company.

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