Advice from Alumni

Advice from Alumni

Erik T: Make sure that you are willing to put in the work and effort, because if you don’t, its not going to be fun and its not going to be successful; but if you are willing to work at it, it probably will be one of the most rewarding things you will do while in college.

Chris I: Look at College Pro as a great opportunity. It is not for everybody. You have to be incredibly driven; you have to be incredibly motivated. If you are looking to learn, if you have a thirst to learn, it is a great opportunity. College Pro is going to teach you amazing business skills; it’s going to teach you how to live a better life, but you have to have the drive.

Scott S: Do you really want to prove yourself? Do you really want to make something of yourself? IF you do, take a risk, and dive headfirst.

Heather L: You just need to look into things and you need to feel comfortable with it; and you need to understand what you’re getting into, and if you want to put in the time and the hard work, then, yeah you’ll see results.

Charlie C: You have to go meet people that you think are like you; similar needs, wants and desires, similar drivers, maybe similar experience to understand how hard it is, and you have to ask great questions to really understand the amount of work and the amount of focus, and the ups and downs, because there’s a lot of ups and downs when you’re running your own business.

Jason E: You really need to let go of the fear of not knowing what’s about to happen. Everything that you learn at College Pro is something you’ve probably not done before. The things that you learn are probably things that you were not taught growing up. I think you just have to get over that hurdle of fear and think to yourself “how am I going to apply this moment of my time and apply it to my next adventure”.

John E: A huge part of it is going into it just having an open mind and trust that College Pro has been around for over 40 years now, they have a system that works that is proven to develop excellent entrepreneurs; you are in great company.

Damond I: Make sure you understand exactly what goes into being a franchisee, because it is a very, very intriguing concept; a college student running their own business in the form of painting, but painting is just the conduit that is used to teach you the world of business, and you own a very small business. So I would tell that person to make sure they understand exactly what goes into it, and it is luxurious, and it is nice to work your own hours and hire your own people, and do the things that you imagine you’re doing in your dreams of corporate ownership, but understanding that it is a lot of work; and my number one thing is always that you get out of it what you put into it.

Davyd F: If you have an opportunity to run a franchise with this organization, you absolutely should take it.

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