Real World Skills

Real World Skills

Jason E.: The real world skills that were always taught to us, myself and all the other people with College Pro, is extremely applicable; to understand the business of being profitable, I mean you aren’t in business to make no money…you run a business, you do it well, you earn a living, and you move it forward and you try to grow it. So the skills that College Pro gave me? Number 1: selling, you are constantly selling yourself, selling your business; coaching, it could be coaching others or coaching yourself; priority management, just understanding that your time is very valuable throughout the day. So try to take the three or four most important things that impact your life or your business and focus on those main activities.

Davyd F.: For me, what I learned very rapidly, was that you have to coach people that are essentially your age, they have to believe you’re the boss…the leadership training that College Pro gives you is second to none.

Heather L.: My stress level definitely expanded; now looking back at the time I spent with College Pro, I think my tolerance is a lot higher.

Damond I.: It showed me where my strengths were and where I could improve. So now, being in a management role for a corporate company, I’m applying a lot of those same techniques…it’s a very transferable thing; dealing with people, dealing with budget, dealing with finance, dealing with schedule, and dealing with customers…that’s a huge part of the deal.

Chris I.: The biggest skill I learned was how to deal with people, and just how business worked. You’re going to get sales, how to market your business, how to hire somebody, how to recruit an individual, how to manage somebody, how to lead a team of people…those are all the skills that you’re taught and you’re learning. And those are great, but, overall, how to run a business and how to work with people and employees, I think that’s the biggest thing.

Erik T.: I think that learning how to keep the books and keep track of the finances while I ran the College Pro franchise did help me out a lot. It’s helping me out, not only in my career, but also with the LLC that my wife and I own.

Alyssa A.: You also learn about problem solving, there’s no option other than to figure out a solution.

Charlie C.: You have to rely on your ability to lead, your ability to sell; you have to rely on your ability to self regulate. It gave me those foundational skills, so that’s what it’s all about.

Scott S.: My degree was in business marketing, which is very broad; my skills were complimented by the sales side, which was lead generation, customer interaction and closing on sales. The void that College Pro helped me fill was more on the management side, people management, holding each other accountable, holding myself accountable, and really developing people in their careers even if in the short term.

Duncan B.: College Pro is extremely practical. You learn a lot of hard skills, for example: hiring, making payroll, actually getting things done.

Chad S.: People coming out of College Pro, the performers at College Pro, are the most refined in the skills of coaching, goal setting, business planning, conflict resolution, leading teams and reaching outcomes. They’re, hands down, the most developed and refined skill sets that you can find particularly in young people.

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